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  1. What is the difference between house cleaning & house keeping?
  2. What is a walk through?
  3. Why do you only accept bi-weekly clients?
  4. What if I only want to try your service out?
  5. Do you charge more for pets?
  6. Do you do move in & move outs?
  7. Why do you charge per visit and not hourly?
  8. Who does the cleaning?
  9. What is a deep clean and why do I need one?

What is the difference between house cleaning & house keeping?

    House cleaning is the routine of cleaning, sanitizing and beautifying all surfaces, appliances, bathrooms, kitchens, windows and floors. House keeping is picking up your socks, doing the laundry and dishes and cleaning out the cat box. We do not provide house keeping services. We request that our clients spend time preparing their homes for our visit by completing any necessary "house keeping" prior to our visit; we are there to clean...not to pick up, do laundry or make the beds.

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What is a walk through?

    A walk through is when we come to your home, spend time with you determining what your specific house cleaning needs are and then taking a physical tour of your home. This enables us to evaluate and begin preparing the cleaning program tailored to meet your requirements. It also provides us with an estimate of time, labor and materials to accomplish the tasks included on the Service Plan. Initially, we like to sit and talk with you about who we are, how we clean, and find out what you're looking for in your cleaning service. Often, we hear stories about your previous house cleaners and your concerns about the quality or lack thereof of that experience. We believe strongly in verbal and written communications to avoid past and future problems.

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Why do you only accept bi-weekly clients?

    We are a selective service and choose our clients carefully. There are only a fixed number of time slots available in any given week. Devoting time for a once-a-month client, would create irresolvable scheduling problems. Also, once-a-month cleaning services are unable to clean a home to our standards given budget and time constraints. Monthly visits become deep clean visits because as we all know, a lot can happen in a month. The increased time and expense is more than our clients are willing to incur. Our regularly scheduled, bi-weekly (every two weeks) clients are more important to us than a one time clean out or monthly client.

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What if I only want to try your service out?

    We will be happy to accommodate your request, however, there is an additional fee associated with a try out. This is how it works: we schedule a walk through and create a standard Service Proposal Agreement. An additional charge of $50 to $100--depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the Service Proposal-- will be assessed for the trial visit. If you like the service and want to continue on a regular bi-weekly schedule, the $50 to $100 fee will be credited toward your next regular cleaning visit. We feel confident that you will want to continue with regularly scheduled service.

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Do you charge more for pets?

    Yes. Our pet surcharge relates to the fact that pets leave fur, hair, dirt and fecal matter behind, even if you can't see it. This puts additional strain on vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filters, beater bars, increases the time it takes to remove their furry presence and can compromise the needs of our non-pet clients. Often there are "surprises" or the evidence of such that we encounter while cleaning. Frequently it's necessary to employ certain pet specific cleaning products to these tasks, which involve additional time and expense. Fees are determined by the number of pets.

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Do you do move in and move outs?

    No. Unless it is an existing client changing residences, we do not perform move-in or move-out cleaning services. Under normal circumstances, houses and apartments are left in terrible disarray and owners and landlords are looking for a quick fix which we are unwilling to accommodate based on the needs of our regularly scheduled clients.

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Why do you charge per visit and not hourly?

     Most cleaning services schedule your home as a time slot; doing only what is possible to clean within the allotted time. As a marketing strategy they propose a "rotating schedule" to deep clean select rooms or areas of the home. In essence what this really means is that they are doing a superficial job most of the time in the majority of your home within the allotted time frame and only a deep clean in one room or combination of rooms for the rest of your home. This leads to sloppy work, hasty cleaning and impersonal service. Others may take advantage of hourly situations by working slowly in order to increase fees to their customers. We do not work by the hour but by the job; this means that our fee remains fixed. If the cleaning description and Service Plan is mutually expanded to cover additional services then a new Service Plan and cleaning fee is negotiated.

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Who does the cleaning?

    My father and I--we're a two-man show. Our company is small but effective, and we do not have any employees. This means that you'll always know who's in your home and if necessary you'll be able to get in touch with us 24 hours a day.

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What is a deep clean and why do I need one

    A deep clean is exactly that; a detailed deep clean from floor to ceiling . This brings your home up to our standard of cleanliness which allows us to maintain that elevated standard with bi-weekly cleaning schedules. Some typical areas that are a focus of our attention during a deep clean are: six panel doors, corners, base boards, blinds and sconces, hard to reach areas, ceiling fans, high-traffic areas, wall & door finger prints, dust bunnies, cobwebs, interior widows, mirrors, storm doors and sliders. We clean all interior window glass that is reachable without using ladders. A deep clean is mandatory at the beginning of each cleaning program.

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